Wood Farm at Everdon

On Sunday 7th October 2018, I will be exhibiting at Wood Farm in Everdon.

I am very excited as Wood Farm is in one of the next villages to wear I live and its majorly beautiful!

I have been going to Everdon to walk round Everdon Stubbs forest for years and have driven past Wood Farm 100’s of times!

Wood Farm is one of Northamptons newest wedding venues and I am so excited about it!

Ive already got one beautiful bride gettig married here next year and I want more! I want to see this venue in every possible weather as its amazing!

SOOOO if you are getting married here or even thinking about (dont think do!) then let me know and I will give you an extra special deal on price!

So come say hi on Sunday. Lets talk makeup, hair and anything else that takes your fancy!


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