Looking after your Hair & Skin before your trial & wedding day.

Looking after your skin is one of the most important things you can do prior to your wedding.

Your skin is the base for your wedding day makeup and therefore the better your skin the better your makeup will look.

Even the most talented makeup artist is not a magician and can not make imperfections disappear. They can certainly cover them but lumps and bumps will always show through.

So a few must do’s before your trial to ensure your skin is tip top:

Drink plenty of work- its hydrates your skin and helps flush out toxins. Meaning those wedding day stress spots are less likely to appear.

Remove all your makeup before bed – leaving makeup on clog up your pores causing blackheads and spots

Chose a good moisturiser and use it morning and night – A good moisturiser does exactly what it says, keeps the skin moist, meaning dry patches are less likely to happen. A good one to use is Embroylisse Lait Creme Concentrate. This is used by a lot of well respected makeup artists and leaves the skin looking beautiful. (you can buy this from boots, however if you already use a moisturiser that leaves your skin looking and feeling great there is no need to change)

Don’t change any of your makeup or skin care too close to your wedding – you may be allergic and it could cause a reaction. If you want to try something new do so a good few months before hand.

If you are going to get facials don’t leave it too late – facials can give your spots before they help get rid of them. This is because the process of a facial is to get all the imperfections from the skin before your skin becomes radiant. Start the process of facials at least 6 months before the wedding. That way if you get a really bad reaction its not too close to the wedding and your beautician will have the time to turn your skin into the glowing canvas you want it to be.

Don’t pick your spots – I know this is hard as when we see one we want it gone, but picking spots can make the area worse and even leave scars. Leave it alone, it will go on its own and it will look better for it.

If you follow this advice your skin will be at its best. Obviously some people are prone to bad skin and its very normal for them. But all these tips should show some improvement anyway.


Lots of people want longer hair for their wedding day and spend lots of time trying to grow it, but often forget to look after it as well as they do their skin.

Get it trimmed – even if you are growing it a little trim makes your hair look less limp. This can really add to your hair style.

Get it treated – if you have split ends and really cant face a trim go to your local hairdressers and ask for a treatment. This can seriously assist with the overall outcome of your hair and give it a beautiful healthy shine.

Don’t wash your hair everyday – I know this is hard for some people but washing your hair everyday removes the natural oils from the hair which can result in lifeless dull hair. If your hair gets greasy easily try using dry shampoo in the days in between. If you really cant stand to not wash it make sure your shampoo is the correct one or your type of hair.

Your Hair brush is important – to try and stop your hair from splitting and breaking its important to use a brush that enables you to brush your hair without doing this. One of the best brushes for this is the tangleteezer. It enables you to brush your hair wet or dry without pulling and yanking the hair.

On the morning of your trial & wedding:

Make sure you are completely makeup free, having well moisturised your face the night before.

Ensure your hair has been shampooed and conditioned and then blowdried. If you are sure you know where you want your parting , then part your hair and blow dry it in that style. This will ensure the parting stays put. If you are unsure try and blow dry the hair roughly all over so a new parting can then easily be given.

Its important your hair is dry and clean before starting. IF you already have product in your hair this can mean any further product applied does not work.

If you were unable to clean and dry hair as instructed before the trial just let me know so I can makeup sure my products complement the ones you already have in your hair.

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