Frequently asked questions

 Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions I get asked on a regular basis!

How long do you need to allow for each person on the wedding day?

Generally, I would say allow 35 minutes for hair and 40 minutes for make-up worst case scenario. This may be slightly less/more depending on the hairstyle/ how thick/long the hair is and style of makeup wanted.

When should I have a trial?

This really depends on the situation, some brides like to have the trial sooner to get the ‘image’ in their head of how they’re going to look and tick it off the list; 6 months before the day or earlier. However, some brides may be growing their hair or getting extensions and therefore want it closer to the big day and may have it a month or few weeks before.

Usually, 6-8 weeks is a good time though as your hair and skin will be in a similar condition to your wedding day.

How long will a trial take?

it completely depends on if you know what you want and how many looks you want to try out. But the trial doesn’t end until you are happy and confident of your wedding day look.

On the wedding morning, where will we be doing the hair/make-up?

I will come to wherever you and the wedding party are getting ready.

When should I wash my hair before the trial/wedding day?

I usually ask you wash your hair on the night before a trial or the wedding day and DO NOT STRAIGHTEN! However, if your hair is particularly fine or greasy then you may want to wash it on the morning, please ensure it’s FULLY DRY though.

If you have really curly frizzy hair I usually suggest that you get a blow dry the day before the wedding and loosely plait your hair to sleep in. This will ensure your hair is in an easy to style condition

How many people can you do in one morning?

I am happy to come at 5:00am if that’s what you need. If you have more than 5 people for hair and make-up I usually suggest I bring an assistant (at no extra charge to you) so we can get things done a bit quicker. I have a few hugely talented people that I work with on a regular basis who I will endeavour to bring.

How do I book you and when do I need to pay?

To secure your date you’ll need to pay a £50 deposit. The trial must be paid for on the day of the trial then the remaining balance can be paid any time up to 24 hours before the wedding day. 

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